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Digital BSS

  • Converged Billing
  • Proactive Customer Management
  • Partnership and Dealer Management
  • Innovative Telecom Solutions

Today’s market changes happens very rapid, to stay competitive in today’s connected real-time world, service providers have to go beyond traditional telecom space and introduce next generation services, such as cloud solutions, virtual services, OTT and more. The capabilities to introduce, manage and monetize these services by supporting different revenue management models through the entire value chain, from partners to customers, is crucial for services providers to win the market.

Realtime DMATE Service Enabler Platform provides a freedom to introduce and monetize new services across all channels and verticals by configuration only. It is designed with the objective to provide maximum flexibility and enables service providers to quickly and independently adapt to the requirements of the new digital age. DMATE Service Enabler Platform places a CSP in the center of digital services ecosystem, facilitating their transitioning to Digital Service Provider (DSP) operational model to empower service provider business and to gain competitive advantage.

Unified design, based on common foundation, provides a generic processing of any kind of information. In a single platform Service Enabler Platform enables offline as well as online bi-directional communication. Traditional offline communication can be combined with online request/response authorizations. The solution is based on 3GPP standards and also supports many additional industry standard interfaces. Service Enabler Platform provides comprehensive functionality to analyze and manipulate information in numerous ways. Session correlation, aggregation, and consolidation and enrichment can be performed based on any type of transactional mode. Service Enabler Platform can work with any transaction granularity – from large data files to single transaction events. Service Enabler Platform is designed from the outset for flexible deployment options, high-performance throughput, seamless scalability, and ease of maintenance.

Service Enabler bridges the network delivery infrastructure from business and operating support systems, seamlessly insulating the way services are delivered from the way they are managed and charged. Service Enabler Platform is a state-of-the art mediation and provisioning solution, that supports any data exchange between any systems, in both online (streaming) and offline (file based) transactional modes. Service Enabler Platform can work with any transaction granularity – from large data files to single transaction events. Service Enabler Platform is designed from the outset for flexible deployment options, high-performance throughput, seamless scalability, and ease of maintenance.

The rapid emergence of different services and the evolution of network elements are driving a paradigm shift in the telecommunications industry. Faster and accurate collection, correlation and delivery of data have become vital for successful operation. The convergence has triggered a major growth in the number and types of services and accelerated the emergence of network technologies. These have paved the way for completely convergent mediation solution that can accommodate the innumerable services that will be rolled out in the near future. It will also help the operators to achieve their goal of winning over competition and ensure profit. Service Enabler Platform is based on a modular architecture, where functionality and processing capacity can seamlessly be added to over time. As such, the product provides a future-proof mediation and provisioning infrastructure that promotes deployment of right-sized solutions that scale dynamically with business requirements and volume. The solution is vendor- and hardware- agnostic, modular and plugin-based that enables fully automated API/GUI-driven service operations across multi-vendor, multi-technology physical and virtual networks, as well as codeless service for rapid new service/products launching.


Boost Your Business


Any Vertical Any Service Any Time


Real Time Rating Revenue Assurance Anti Fraud


Any customer Any channel Any interaction


Correct context At the right time Across any channel


Customer centeric approach Serving any size of compnay


Agile approach Modular architecture

The smarter, easier way to gain Digital Advantage


Start with the necessary functionality required by the business


Create new services of any complexity by configuration only


Fit any scale of operation - from a few thousand up to a tens of million subscribers


Plugin based approach provides easy and fast integration with 3rd-parties


Intuitive and powerful solution to simplify and automate business processes and operation tasks


Telco-grade solution with over 20 years of expertise


One system supports all lines of business, products and services across all channels


Agile approach and modular architecture allows fast and successful delivery


Comprehensive Digital BSS Suite for Monetization of new digital world

Converged Billing

Full Convergence - any service , any vertical , any segment , any business model can be charged and controlled in real time

Customer Management

Customer centric solution provides 360-degree view of each customer and enables to create digital engagement with every customer at every channel and every interaction

Service Creation Environment

Create and manage new services and products with any business complexity in minutes by configuration only

Proactive Customer Management

Provides immediate and individualized promotions across all channels and devices based on advanced data collection and real time analytic engines

Digital Mediator

Plugin based and open approach provides fast and easy integration to any network and any service

Self Services

Giving end-consumers and partners full control for services and finances

Service Fulfillment

Automates service provisioning ,order processing, inventory management to keep consistently high levels of quality and reliability

Partnership Management

Comprehensive partnership management solution to manage customers, dealers, agents, resellers, roaming partners, content providers and interconnect partners

Revenue Control

Real Time Revenue Assurance and Anti-Fraud solutions to secure your revenues

Messaging Gateway

The Messaging Gateway architecture replaces the old-fashioned product silo approach with maximal deployment of common server infrastructure, access servers, service enablers and system management.

Our Values


Innovative digital services
Personalized bundles and tariffs
Multi-channel communication


Seamless configuration of any business process
Plugin based, open and modular architecture
Either cloud or on premise deployment
Outstanding reliability with proven availability


OPEX reduction due to high efficiency
New revenues from new services
Fraud prevention and revenue assurance
Partnerships and dealer management
Flexible payment gateway
Comprehensive reporting Suite
Taxation and journaling


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The team of IT and Telecom veterans who are focused on delivering real business value to our customers

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Over 20 million subscribers globally, from niche and up to leading Tier 1 operators

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Full responsibility to meet all your goals.

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